{Second Pregnancy} 20 Weeks

Yay! I'm halfway there! Can't believe it's going too fast! I'm doing good so far, thank goodness morning sickness has gone. Worst morning sickness I ever had. I had my appointment last week and the baby is doing great. Everything looks good. I also had my anatomy scan and we are happy to find out the gender but we are not telling. Lol! We will keep it a surprise! Families and friends were asking me but I kept my mouth shut, I told them just wait til November. Ha! 

Here's the baby's face. She/He was looking at me during the sonogram :D

How far along? 
20 weeks

Size of the baby:
Large Banana

Total weight gain? 
5 lbs

It's a secret!

Maternity Clothes? 
(I wear maternity pants but I still wear my regular tops/shirts)

Stretch Marks? 

Starting to get uncomfortable specially that my lower back hurts.


Food Cravings? 

Labor Signs?
Not yet

Anything that make you sick? 
Whenever my husband grills something,
I don't like the smell of the smoke it makes me sick.

Morning sickness? 
No more. Yay!

Belly Button In or Out? 
Still in.

Best moment this week:
Feeling the baby move

Looking forward to? 
Decorating the nurssery
(We will be decorating the nursery in neutral colors)


  1. yay! look at you beautiful preggy♥

  2. You look great. That's fun that you're keeping the gender to yourself. Wishing you well, and glad the morning sickness is over!

  3. I miss these days, when my wife was pregnant with Will. She wants another child, but we do not have the finances to support one right now. Hopefully soon though, just have to get my degree and a decent entry-level career. :D Congrats!


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