16 Weeks

Hello second trimester! I was so excited when I hit the second trimester mark because I know I will feel better but I was wrong. Ha! Morning sickness still kicks in once in a while. I called it "evening" sickness as it usually occurs in the evening. After I eat dinner specially if I'm too full, I felt nauseous and feel like I'm going to throw up. I think heartburn also add up to this. What I do is I don't eat too much at night. I can say I'm sicker this time compare to my first. I am beyond exhausted every single day. Chasing a toddler when you're pregnant is not easy. Whenever I have a free time which rarely happens, I take a nap whenever my two year old does. This is the reason why I haven't been blogging lately so please forgive me for not updating my blog everyday as I used to. 

A few weeks ago, I rushed to the hospital as when I woke up one morning, I was bleeding. I was scary! I know that bleeding is not a good sign so I called the hospital and went right away. I was checked, had my ultrasound and baby is ok. Thanks God! Bleeding stopped too. I'm so glad that nothing was wrong and everything was good. 
Yesterday, I turned 16 weeks and here's my baby bump update and you can actually see the "bump" now.

How far along? 
16 weeks

Size of the baby:

Total weight gain? 
No gain weight yet
(had my doctor's appointment yesterday and I weight the same since my last visit)

Not yet.

Maternity Clothes? 
(I wear maternity pants but I still wear my regular tops/shirts)

Stretch Marks? 

Always sleep late like around 12mn

Not yet.

Food Cravings? 
Mangoes, Pineapple, Milkshake

Labor Signs?
Not yet.

Anything that make you sick? 
Cooked onions makes me sick and gag

Morning sickness? 
Evening sickness, yes!

Belly Button In or Out? 
Still in.

Best moment this week:
My two year old kisses and hug my belly and says "baby"

Looking forward to? 
Find out the gender


  1. I had evening sickness with my second! It went away a few weeks into the second trimester, hopefully yours does too!

  2. Thank goodness your scary moment turned out to be nothing. You have just the slightest belly bump and look radiant. Love your favorite moment of the week!

  3. I had a dream last night that I had another baby. lol That was def. not reality. ;) You look great!


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