Baby Bump at 9 weeks

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I've been missing in action. This pregnancy is just not easy. On my first pregnancy, I was also sick. When I hit the six weeks mark, I got so sick. I've been nauseous everyday! Ugh! It's been so hard specially that I have a toddler to take care of. When I had my first doctor's appointment, my doctor prescribed me a medicine for nausea, it helps a little bit but it makes me so sleepy. Lol! I can't wait til for this first trimester to be over.

Well, today I'm nine weeks. I think it's not a baby bump yet that you see, I think I'm just bloated but I took this photo before I eat. Lol! Some of my friends that had two or more children told me that you usually show early if it's a second pregnancy. Well we will see. My bump didn't showed up til 20 weeks on my first. 

How far along? 
9 weeks

Size of the baby:
Green Olive

Total weight gain? 
I have no idea.

Not yet.

Maternity Clothes? 
Not yet. I'm still wearing my regular clothes.

Stretch Marks? 
I didn't get any on my first pregnancy and I'm hoping not to get it again.

Umm...what is that? Lol! I always wake up like 3-4 times just to go in the bathroom. 

Not yet.

Food Cravings? 

Labor Signs?
Not yet.

Anything that make you sick? 
Any fried foods, it gives me heartburn. I still eat a little bit though but I eat small portion.

Morning sickness? 
Yes!!! Everyday!

Belly Button In or Out? 
Still in.

Best moment this week:
I always tell Miss A that she's going to be a big sister and she just look at me and showed me her big smile.
 I know she didn't understand it yet but I'm sure she's going to be a great sister.

Looking forward to? 
Find out the gender


  1. I'm so looking forward to finding out the gender too! Doesn't matter one bit but will be interesting. Mostly right now I wish you were feeling better.

  2. you do not look pregnant at all anne♥

  3. congratualations, I didn't even know you were pregnant!! How exciting!!

  4. congrats Anne! wonderful news!!!

  5. How fun that you crave pickles! ha! That's classic. :) I bet your daughter will be a great big sister, and you look adorable. :)

  6. Congrats and hope you get feeling better! <3


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